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How do you make money renting your car - 3 easy steps to follow!


Did you know that cars that are not running have big chances to break? It’s not us who say it, but automotive specialists say it!

But what we can tell you is how to get your car to work, or better said: how you can rent it for short periods of time, in fair and advantageous conditions for you!You just need an account on the Perpetoo platform and a few free minutes to follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up for an account on the website and fill in all information in the required fields. To make everything faster, we recommend that you have in order, all the documents of the car and of the legal person who will pay the taxes to the state after the rental. You will have to provide information about the car's year of manufacture - which must be less than 10 years old - the car's equipment and other relevant details to convince prospective customers that it is the best choice. It is also important at this stage to upload real pictures of the car, preferably done on daylight, from multiple angles. Do not worry, we have a guide for this. You will also set the rental price, but you can change it later if you realize that the amount originally requested was too high or, on the contrary, too low. You will need to update the availability schedule, more specifically when you do not need it and can be rented;
  2. After you have pressed the Submit button, you will have to wait until our colleagues check the information you have uploaded and confirm that you can start renting your car through the platform;
  3. Expect to receive booking requests from potential customers, and you will decide which you accept and which you refuse. When you accept a reservation request, the person who rents the car must pay the fee online and only then the reservation is confirmed. After confirming your reservation, it's time to establish with your future tenant / driver the details of picking up and returning your car, and how to sign up for your delivery / receipt documents when you meet. When you hand over the car, you will both need to inspect it’s condition. Your car leaves for up to 30 days (the maximum term for a single rental), and you can relax, or tend to future possible rentals. When your car is returned, we recommend that you inspect your car in the presence of the driver and, if any damage has occurred in the meantime, let us know. One of the largest insurance companies in Romania, UNIQA, which will provide you with CASCO insurance during the entire rental period, will deal with the situation. In a few days you will receive the money in your account.

It was that simple! All of the steps listed above require little time but allow you to have an additional monthly income that is more than satisfactory!

Good luck renting!